Whether you’re just beginning the journey or you have been in motion for a while. All relationships require additional help from time to time. We offer a variety of options for enhancing your new or soon to be less than new relationship. Infidelity, insecurity, lack of enthusiasm, lack of intimacy desirability and more. We can assist you and your significant other with option for empowering your sensual life in ways that you may have never dreamed of before. .


Just because you are single doesen’t mean that your sensual life has to suffer. Let us help you with alternate therapies that not only enhance your own sense of sensual awareness, but that will also help you engage and motivate your potential partners. Whether it’ about post traumatic healing, lack of intimacy skills or simply wanting to explore your own unique individual sensual profile, together we will develop a specific therapy to create the change you are looking for.


In addition to our one-in-one sessions we also offer group training in the areas of: Somatic Sensual Massage/Bodywork, Kinetic Sensual Massage Training and Certification, Emotional intimacyRelational Sensual Fusion ( intentional sensual energy exchange) as well Dating Enhancement Specialties (dating with purpose). The sessions are offered to the general public or can be set up as a private event through sponsorship.


 Emotional Healing Therapies

For Mind, Body & Soul 

Madam Sierra and her staff  have practiced the art of Somatic Therapy for close to a decade with hundreds of clients and success stories to attest to the expertise and value of this emerging therapy. For our Therapeutic (please see “additional services offered” below) Only clients we are also certified in the practice of Memphis Medical Massage and Memphis Hypnosis Therapy. The reasons for attending a session can vary. The purpose of the therapy is defined. It’s about an emotional healing experience and the outcomes that can change the projectile of your life for the better (personal, professional, financial, social and more.

New Wave & Mindful Guided Meditation

Alternative Breathing Exercises

Muscle Relaxation/stimulation

Self and Guided Hypnosis

NLP Anchoring for Calmness

Mindful Meditation

Guided Imagery/visualization

Prosperity Expansion Therapy

Body Work Therapies

Massage Body Work Sessions

Full Body Rubs

Sports Body Work Sessions

Thai Body Work Sessions


Pregnancy Body Work Sessions

(for relaxation and gentle natal stimulation)

Couples Body Work Sessions

(erotic and/or therapeutic only)

Certified Flexibility Specialist


Medical Massage Therapy Certified

Cranial Stimulation Sessions

(Indian Head Massage)

What is sensually charged emotional healing therapy…. Somatic Style ?



SCEH is a wellness therapy that encompasses intimacy, touch, desire, trust and excitement. This unique brand of Memphis therapeutic massage experience  is designed to dig deep into your emotional reserves and bring forth that energy which is typically hidden, suppressed or even lost due to a variety of life experiences including; physical or emotional trauma, infidelity, emotional or physical abuse, depression, neglect, rejection or even sensual identity confusion. Your reasons for attending a session include but are not limited to; deep cellular experiences with “the best therapists in Memphis”. “Massage Therapy Memphis TN” “Therapeutic Massage Memphis TN” as well combating the lack of emotional intimacy connections with yourself and others. 

Relaxation therapies2


Whatever Your Need…..We Can Help…Get Excited By Your Mind’s Eye and Create the Sensually Charged Experience Of A Life Time EVERY TIME!!   Cure What Ails You On The Inside Of Your Sensualized Emotional Landscape And Create The Over-The-Top Experiences You Are Seeking.  The Singular Visual “Pull” Is Great For The “Empty Hearted” Get back the”Soul-Full” Experiences available with The Best Massage in Memphis – But, The Highest Level Of Excitement and Sensual Gratification Comes From The Emotional Engagement Of Your Soul And Spirit. Don’t Become An Empty Vessel Whose Journey Is Determined By Whatever Direction The Wind Is Blowing That Day – A “Gray Spirit”.  Let’s go beyond the idea of Memphis Body Rubs. You Can Create the Physically And Emotionally Satisfying Sensual Experience Of A Life Time EVERY TIME!! Consider this a Memphis Sports Massage for the soul. Let Us Show You How.


 What Does SUCCESS Look Like For You ?

  • Heal Old Emotional Wounds
  • Feel Elevated Levels of Emotional Pleasure
  • Eliminate or Reduce Addiction 
  • Increase and Empower Lowered Or Reduced Arousal
  • Increase Body Awareness
  • Heightened Levels Of Intimacy
  • Healing Therapies For Abuse Episodes
  • Increase and Empowered Sensual Stimulation
  • Spiritually Endowed Orgasm(s)
  • Intensifying and Empowering Sensual Arousal
  • Create Additional  Layer Of Sensual Pleasure
  • Bring lasting Levels Of Sensual Excitement to Your Relationship(s)
  • Unusually Heightened Levels Of Relaxation


All Therapists are Certified

 in the following areas

Emotional Healing Therapies

Medical Massage Therapy

Couple and Individual Emotional Therapies


What is significant about SCEH?


SCEH is a form of healing that encompasses every aspect of your emotional being. This is neither for the faint of heart nor the over indulgent personality. Although, a healthy sense of adventure will serve you well. A single visit is worthy, but lasting benefits are derived from a series of visits in which each session builds upon the next.

Why is Touch So Important?

Touch is how we communicate with those that we love and care for. When it comes to your romantic and/or sensual relations that touch is important. Our therapies can show you how to provide the missing elements of intimacy and caring through your touch, your voice and your intention.

There’s a major difference between having insincere emotional bonding with someone and providing a sensual body work session that empowers them and facilitates connection with their own sacred energy. Realistic expectations for the latter are profound here. Our goal is to dip deep into your emotional space. Prepare yourself

   Please feel free to ask as many questions as necessary before scheduling your appointments to ensure the appropriateness of your visit as on-site cancellations can incur additional fees.

As a Client 

You Are

A woman, a man, or a couple – Couples Massage

(Your outward appearance is not important, but your inner mindset is)

You are Heterosexual, Gay or Somewhere in between

You are over the age of 18

You are in control of your mental faculties, have a discriminating level of intelligence and are eager for  an amazingly deep understanding of who you are and can become through creative, intimate therapies.

You are embracing the thought of a healing experience that touches the very core of your being for charring levels of emotional wellness. You understand or you are seeking to understand that it is not about what the naked eye can see, as that can be deceptive. It’s not about Massage places in Memphis TN – Rather, it’s about what a curious soul can feel, what an elevated mind can achieve and how to believe and create those connections with others for the benefit of all.


What Creates Sensual Allure?

We can help you explore what creates sensual love in your world. It’s different for everyone. Let’s uncover what that means to you and how to get it. Let’s find the pathways for receiving how to receive and enjoying sensual love.  Let’s figure out what it looks when it shows up in your space. What do you (as an individual) need to feel sensually desired and how do you express that to someone you care for? A caveat – are you giving that energy to the right person?  Are you aiming at the most likely targets?  Where’s your safe place with sensual love and what does it look like in your mind’s eye?


Learning Sessions

Learn the Art of Exotic Kinetic Sensual Energy Massage and become the expert.                        



What to Expect


Be prepared for a unique “one of a kind” encounter in an intimate, caring, private environment where trust, respect and mutable levels of energy will be your guide. Our offices are more than just the Best massage in Memphis TN with the availability of out calls sessions, speaking engagementstraining sessions and/or group events upon request.


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