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John D

1 hr 45 min |

Hypnotic Bodywork Therapy

combines massage therapy/Bodywork and Hypnotic Suggestion. This form of therapy is designed to provide a unique healing experience for clients wishing to combine the art of mindful touch, physical awakening and suggestive mental stimulus. This emerging therapeutic application utilizes the “mind’s eye “and targeted touch therapy in transforming dis-empowering beliefs and mindsets including  many forms of negative self-behavior, emotional  turmoil, grief, sadness, depression and more.

This revolutionary form of therapy is about healing and conjoining the mind/body connection through touch and subconscious transformation while enhancing positive self-image and awareness.

Jonny I

1 hr 45 min


Mark h

1 hr 45 min | 20$


Linda L

1 hr 45 min | 20$


Our Group sessions


$30/ month

Limit of 20 students per class

1.5 Basic Instruction

1 Teacher


$40/ month

1 hr 20 min PER DAY

15 YOGA steps

2 Teachers


$80/ month

Limit of 20 students per class

1.5 Hour Instruction

3+ Teachers